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The many rooms of my lair are under a constant state of construction. Many of you have expressed a difficulty in enjoying my homepage. To clarify matters please read the following.

1. Not all homepages are viewed the same by every system.

2. There is no black text on this homepage. I have also decided to limit this page to only one background.

3. The midi's take a long time to load. The name of each midi is listed at the bottom of each page.

4. If the pages still cant be read I suggest trying a different browser.

5. If that doesn't work get a Web TV.

6. And if all else fails click here.

Welcome    To    My    Lair.

Below you may visit several rooms of my lair to know more about who I am, who I was, and what I may become. In each room you can either travel to the next or return here to go to a specific room. A guestbook may be found at the end of your journey.

The Origin
Why I am who I am.
The Sanctum
Who I am now.
The Prophecies
Who I think I will become.
The Entertainment
A most eclectic collection.
The Written Works
A poetic documentation of my life.
The Links
See all who have helped erect the lair.
The Rings
See which orginizations I have joined in order to promote the lair.
The Trophy Room
Banners and trophies. Banner exchanges are most welcome.
The Egress
The guestbook may be found here.


"Bleeding Me" by Metallica